May Brahman keep and preserve all wisdom


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Time Capsule digital
External religious sources
The how and why; a Time capsule


A reason for future's view

As in earth are buried many old

In the sands of time are buried
many wise and just sources.

In the field of sleep
were everyone dreams of
uncommon things are buried
many writers with their books
as in a cellar of an old magician.

This Rivistine is a Time capsule
of this author's grace.

Rivistine as a bastion, or castle
built to keep the books and writings
in a safe place

Rivistine as a domain on the internet
giving the fruit of information
a place to be.

As the place giving a time capsule
the digital content for a far future.

Time Capsule - Archive

A digital fingerprint for upkeep

Archive Q
Consisting of these sites: (Version October 2021)
  • (List of Contents)
Archive X
Consisting of these sites: (Version October 2021)
  • (List of contents)

External Religious Sources

A viewpoint on religion

As part of the greater meaning on earth
the act of devotion as being described in
religion with their books and scriptures
is the ground of many society and their groups.

As its a level of surity to be able
to be part of a system in regard to
a godhead, a philospohy or ideal.

This time capsule cannot exist
without a broad view on all
known religions. as its part of
the history.

As this website in the link to
both able to read about all religions
as the link to the archive which
in my humble opinion can be used
to be part of the or a time capsule as well.

A time capsule is the method to keep
all wisdom in the digital or paperform
to give the far future a glance on
our sources.

Religious source
For reading about religions and spirituality

DVD Rom Religion
For the time capsule a digital copy at the source website

As the time capsule is grounded in current time,
to have a legal copy is the just way to have
it all safe for the future.

As a second source of wisdom,
in the dutch language. as a greeting
to the past. As its a couple of books
regarded high in religion.

The link to the pdf files:
(some hindu, some christian and other)

Ars floreat books
For the addition of some dutch books

Time Capsule

methods and directions

The idea behind a time capsule is
to keep information in a method
to be able to be read, archived,
analysed and accountable.

One says a time capsule
is a hole in the ground filled
with sand and a concrete chest.

Others say its a metal container
which has been sunk in the ocean.

A third one says
its a vase filled with curled
paper to put in a cave.

Some say it has to be a permanent
medium like DVD or CDROM,
or it is digital with a lifespan of
a thousand years.

As some say its paper and a collection
all in a single or double hardcover
in a special briefcase.

A time capsule can be part
of a ship going to jupiter
or to the moon.

A time capsule can be a medium like
a portable computer with the
data and websites stored on the
semi-permanent hard drives
with a solar power source

Or the time capsule being a
safedeposit stored at home
waiting for a thousand years
to be opened

A time capsule with the purpose
of keeping this author or
other religious sources safe.

A time capsule can be anything imagined
by the reader, and with the support
of this information and archives being
part of it.

As the archives may be used in
time capsules and other ways
of keeping it for the future.

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